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Question   your beautiful photos
I just loved looking thru your photos. They are beautiful...... lucky for you to travel around the world to caputure your special moments. Beautiful!! Great website too!

- Bonnie Wiltshire 8/15/2011 12:31:54 AM

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Question   Your Work
Hi Kathe

I have really enjoyed looking at your photos! Very nice work indeed. Thank you for sharing. Clare (Kampala, Uganda)

- Clare Wise de Wet 4/2/2011 4:21:15 AM

  Answer Hi Clare,
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my work.
I just returned from a month tour starting in Sydney, Australia and ending in Beijing, China. I will send you an email when they are posted.

- Kathleen N.  4/2/2011 5:16:56 AM

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Question   Wedding Pictures!
Awesome Job Kathe!!! I like the legs in that one picture;)

- mike nealon 10/20/2010 7:06:44 AM

  Answer Anas

- Mohammed Kudu  11/7/2011 6:34:11 AM

  Answer Anas

- Mohammed Kudu  11/7/2011 6:35:16 AM

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Question   Wedding


What can I say, the wedding galaries are wonderful!!! You did a great job at catching everything with a flare that only you have. BRAVO!!

- Lynn Barabach 10/14/2010 4:13:34 PM

  Answer Kathe,
Wow there were some really fantastic photos on here! I really enjoyed viewing them all. Thanks

- Dreana Nealon  10/14/2010 8:01:59 PM

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Question   Kathe
Pretty cool website. I'm glad you found something that you love and are good at doing too! The wedding pictures were fun to look at.

- Janice Brady 10/14/2010 12:11:56 PM

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